NHSN Direct CDA Automation

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CDC’s National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) is the nation’s most widely used healthcare-associated infection tracking system. NHSN provides facilities, states, regions, and the nation with data needed to identify problem areas, measure progress of prevention efforts, and ultimately eliminate healthcare-associated infections.

Direct CDA Automation is an alternative method for importing CDAs into NHSN, as opposed to manual CDA importing. Sending via Direct method is a simple, secure, scalable, standards-based way for participants to send authenticated, encrypted health information directly to NHSN over the Internet.

RosettaHealth’s Solution 

Our solution is based on our cloud-based HISPDirect product, exhibiting the following characteristics:

  1. Cost Effective - Our cloud-based, service level account enables consolidated reporting using a single account -vs- multiple accounts. This is not only cost effective, but minimizes development and operational management.

  2. Ready To Go - Our solution is up, operational and already connected to NHSN. No trust anchors to worry about nor white lists to manage. Simply sign up, connect up, start submitting.

  3. Streamlined - We worked with CDC NSHN to define their Direct-based submission process. In fact, we are the HISP for CDC NHSN (this is where your submission will end up).

  4. Minimizes Risk - We offer a 30 day free trial along with test accounts for you to use to validate your submission processes. (Note: the electronic submission to NHSN is already primed and ready to go.)

4 Easy Steps

We have made setting up an NHSN reporting account simple and straightforward. Following these simple steps will have your organization using this new reporting method.

  1. Sign Up Today to acquire your Direct account(s) from RosettaHealth’s HISPDirect.

  2. Integrate your system with HISPDirect:

    1. RosettaHealth will provide you with test accounts to our test HISP for integration testing.

    2. Either use your existing IMAP/SMTP mail client or our HISPDirect API, connect to your NHSN HISPDirect Account.

  3. Register with NHSN for CDA Automated reporting:

    1. Sign up in NHSN User Interface providing:

      • Direct address provided to you by RosettaHealth,

      • Health Information Service Provider (HISP) name - HISPDirect by RosettaHealth,

      • HISP Technical Point of Contact email - support@rosettahealth.com,

      • Technical Facility Technical Point of Contact email address.

    2. Perform PING Test - Send an test Direct message to NHSN.

    3. Perform PONG Test - Receive a message from NHSN.

    4. Receive validation message from NHSN.

  4. Begin NHSN reporting.

Our Qualifications

RosettaHealth was competitively awarded the contract to provide the Health Information Service Provider (HISP) for NHSN CDA reporting. We also provide Direct accounts to NHSN reporters. For NHSN and each NHSN reporter we:

  • provide a Direct account allowing the send of data, securely and reliably, to NHSN;

  • provide transport of messages, each with an attachment less than 1MB, with read receipt;

  • receive Direct messages from US based HISPs that meet Direct Project specifications;

  • and manage all trust relationships with other HISPs.