Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How easy is it to submit to NHSN using Epic?

Easy as 1, 2, 3 .. and we will do #3 for you

  1. Enroll with CDC NHSN program.

  2. Acquire an NHSN account from RosettaHealth! We have a simple agreement with an BAA that are incorporated with simple pricing. Simply review, sign, and return.

  3. [We will onboard with NHSN]


What is DIRECT CDA Automation?

An alternative method to import CDAs into NHSN, as opposed to manual CDA import. Using the ONC defined Direct protocol, this method provides a simple, secure, scalable, standards-based way for participants to send authenticated, encrypted health information directly to NHSN over the Internet. 

Where can I find more information about Direct?

How many Direct accounts do I need for submitting to NHSN?

NHSN is setup to support one account per facility or multiple facilities per account. NHSN Direct reporting addresses can be at the facility level, vendor level, hospital system level, hospital level, corporation level, etc. It really depends on your system and infrastructure. 

What is a OID and why do I need one?

OID stands for Object Identification. Each facility is required to have an OID when sending CDAs to NHSN. This OID enables NHSN to identify where the CDA originated.

How do I get an OID for my facility?

Go to You will need this when signing up with NHSN.

Is there a test environment available?

RosettaHealth provides test HISP accounts for developers to use for the integration of the HISP into their system. When your integration is complete, going through NHSN onboarding process will enable testing of the reporting process and the content formats.

How easy is it to setup and use a Direct account to submit report to NHSN?

Easy as 1, 2, 3. 

  1. Acquire an NHSN account from RosettaHealth! We have a simple agreement with an BAA that are incorporated with simple pricing. Simply review, sign, and return.

  2. Optional, but highly recommended. Integrate your product/system with our EHR. (Note: You're free to access your HISP account via an email client and forgo the integration). We will provide you with test accounts to use for integration and a simple API to send and receive Direct messages from NHSN. To give you an idea of how streamlined this is, EHRs have completed the integration with our HISP in a few days.

  3. Onboard with NHSN using your Direct account, validating your submission content meets their requirements.


How difficult is it to integrate with HealthBus/HISPDirect?

It boils down to two simple approaches:

  1. The easiest, but less automated, is to connect any IMAP or SMTP mail client to your RosettaHealth provided HISPDirect account. This works just like connecting your favorite mail client (Sparrow, for instance) to a cloud-based email account (Gmail, for instance). Note: Any SMTP/IMAP mail client will work... we picked Sparrow as an example. You’re done! To submit to NHSN, create a HISPDirect message using your mail client, attach your NHSN submission, and send. Shortly after your submission (usually within 30 minutes), NHSN will send you a response when they have processed your submission.

  2. The second method is to use our REST API to integrate you system directly with our HISP. Using a few simple calls, you can construct and submit directly to NHSN. Using another call, you can get NHSNs response indicating whether the submission was formatted correctly and accepted. Typically, integration is completed in a few days.

What support does RosettaHealth provide?

We provide three levels of support:

  1. Bronze - We will create a HISPDirect account to use to submit to NHSN, provide the login/server credentials to configure an IMAP/SMTP mail client to access. We will also provide two Direct accounts along with login/server credentials on our test server to use for testing. Finally, you can submit technical questions to

  2. Silver - In addition to the Bronze support, we will provide you with our REST API and up to 4 hours of technical support.

  3. Gold - Silver level support and technical support to integrate your with your NHSN HISPDirect account, complete the NHSN onboarding process, and up to 4 hours of post live technical support.

What is your pricing for an NHSN Direct Account?

Please 'Sign Up Today'. We will setup test accounts, provide getting started guidelines, and provide an BAA agreement (pricing included) for review and return. Once the agreement is executed, we will create your NHSN HISP Direct account - free for 30 days.

Where can I get more detailed information on the  NHSN CDA Automation Registration Process?

The following two guides provide detailed information for registering with NHSN